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The Cooling Tower

Next to an abandoned power plant, stands a majestic looking cooling tower. It was built in 1921. The power plant from Electrabel stopped working in 2007 and the cooling tower was left abandoned. This location played a major part in the Flemish movie “De Premier” from director Erik Van Looy. Now the cooling tower is locked and shielded from most eyes. Urban explorers call this place “Power Plant IM” or “Cooling Tower IM”.

The Gravestone Church

Surrounded by a flock of pigeons lies the Gravestone Church. It was built in 1785 but dates back to 1171. It was desecrated and abandoned in the 1980s. Inside, archaeologists have dug up humain remains. Urban explorers call this place “Saint-Vaast”, “Grave Tomb Church” or “Horror Church Belgium”.

The Forgotten Chapel

Hidden amidst trees stands a charming little chapel. It was built in 1936 in a beautiful Art Deco style. The biggest stained glass window forms the Reuleaux triangle. More importantly, I got to ring the church bell! This chapel was left abandoned many years ago, but it’s still very clean. Urban explorers call this place “Chapelle Des Mineurs”.